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Trans Festival- We are so excited!

Hello all

You may have heard that we have launched our own event: Trans Festival!

The event is something that I have wanted to do for while and I am so pleased we have finally launched!

I started Jecca Blac by offering makeup lessons to trans women who wanted to experiment with makeup. My studio in Wales became very popular and people were travelling from all over the UK to come and visit. I realised that the reason why I was so popular was because I was offering something very different, I was offering a safe space for anyone. No judgement went on within those four walls and anyone could walk through the door and would be accepted. This is something that seems so obvious to me but it unfortunately isn’t like this in the outside world..

With that in mind I want to create an event that offers more than makeup and actually brings the community together! This is the perfect place to be who you want to be and meet others that are on a similar journey. It would be a dream for Trans Festival to become as popular as the Jecca Blac studio..

So, what is the event?

The event will take place on the 8th Feb 2020 in Bar Langely, Covent Garden, London. The event will start at 11am and finish at 4pm. The event has two main areas: the market place and the panel room.

In the market place we have some exciting brands that are all on the mission to be inclusive. One of the brands is GI Collection, founded by Carmen Liu, has the direct mission to produce trans women with the lingerie they need. Trans women worldwide can finally wear beautiful, sexy and comfortable matching lingerie. We have lots of others brands exhibiting which we will be announcing on our Instagram

In the panel room we will be hosting panel discussions throughout the day that are all related to the trans community. We have some brilliant guests that are advocates and allies. We will also be announcing the guests on the run up to the event on our Instagram.

You will also be able to book a makeover with the Jecca Blac team. There are three changing areas at the venue which you can use to get changed at the event, as we understand this is important for those who may have not dressed in public many times before.

Bar Langley will be serving food and drink at the event!

Come and enjoy yourself !

For more information please click here

Thanks so much xoxo