**NEW** Transgender Awareness Lipstick


You may have seen one of our exciting posts about this on Instagram, Facebook or Pinterest – we’re releasing another product!


The Sculpt & Soften palette is the latest Jecca Blac palette, available in Light, Medium and Dark. It’s our second unique product and we’re so looking forward to you seeing it. But what does Sculpt & Soften do?


The palette packaging looks similar to our Correct & Conceal palette and inside, you’ll find two dreamily creamy shades, one called ‘Sculpt’ and one called ‘Soften’. These shades are the key to enhancing shadows and creating light on your face.


‘Sculpt’ is the darker shade of the two. It’s used to define areas of the face like the forehead, jawline and lips, generally for a slimmer appearance and more prominent facial lines. Used right however it can also soften a face, creating round cheeks and a more oval shaped jaw.


‘Soften’ is the lighter palette shade. It’s perfect for lightening and disguising areas like a prominent brow bone, and it’s a great way to give definition to the centre of the face without using dark lines that end up looking dirty.


Both creams are a flattering and blendable formula, for easy to create subtle definition or revolutionising the look of your face.


We’ve also created a handy little booklet that comes with the palette, giving you all the details on sculpting and feminising your face using our shades. This booklet was created in partnership with non-binary blogger Joesph Harwood, as well as Jecca Makeup founder Jessica Blackler. Not only are they both professional makeup artists, but Joseph’s videos on facial feminisation have gathered over forty million views making them a verified expert on all things sculpting.


As another creamy, skin like formula, Sculpt & Soften works perfectly with our Correct and Conceal palette. The two can work together for a natural to full coverage look, but they also both work well with foundation. Our products are so adaptable that’s it’s totally up to you how you use them, and what kind of look you create.


No matter your goal – be it sultry, sharp shadows or a gentle, flattering glow – the Sculpt & Soften palette was built to be the easiest step forward.


Interested? The palette is available March 5th from Jeccablac.com


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