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The 5 Essential Skincare Products You Need in Your Life

Save Your Skin

We know that for a makeup brand, we talk about skincare A LOT. But we’ll repeat it until we’re dead: your skincare is the best tool of your makeup routine. It all starts from your skin. So, here’s our 5 essential skincare products you need in your life.


It might need a few tries for you to find the perfect skincare routine. When first familiarising with your face, you might be unaware of underlying sensitivity or skin conditions. Make sure to patch test everything before you use it or follow the advice of a professional if you know you need to avoid specific ingredients.



It might be an obvious one, but cleaning your face is the most important step. However, tub water is not enough. A cleanser is what you need to add to your life: you’ll be surprised how much of a change it will bring.


We advise cleansing both in the morning and in the evening. Make sure to rub off all your makeup at the end of the day, as it can be quite hard to get rid of — especially if you’re wearing a full face. Never rely only on makeup removers, always double up with a cleanser.



DON’T EVER SKIP MOISTURISING. Yes, we’re shouting it out loud right in this moment. You might think your skin is too oily and you don’t need any cream, but there are always areas of your face that need a little extra love. That love is called moisturiser.


Of course, depending on your skin type, there are different kinds of moisturisers. You have water-based, which tend to be lighter, or oil-based ones, which are meant to sink deep into your skin. You may even decide to just go for pure oils. For more inspiration, check out what our team is raving about!


Nobody talks about it enough, but toning should always be included in your skincare routine. Its benefits are often overlooked, but a good toner will play a necessary part in balancing your skin pH and get rid of pimples.


Toners also help in hydrating your skin, restricting your pores and adding an extra layer of protection. Again, you can go as fancy as you’d like, or go back to the basics with all-natural ingredients.


Eye cream

It’s never too early to start wearing eye cream. Let’s say it again: start wearing eye cream, right now. C’mon, we’re watching you.


Eye creams are not only meant to treat wrinkles, but they also help the prevention and guess what, they moisturise too! The area around your eyes is one of the driest of your face, and a general moisturiser could not be enough. A good eye cream, especially a night one, will give your skin an extra boost and an extra layer of protection too (the rhyme was not intended, but we’ll take it).



Finally, the holy grail: water. How many people have, in your life, told you to drink more? Add us to that list, because we’re here to remind you that water is your best friend also in your skincare.


As you may know, skin is mostly made of water. And although a shower can give a little juice to your skin, the majority of the water absorbed comes from drinking. So, drink up! It’s literally the fountain of youth.