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Should I Contour?

The will they/won’t they love story of your face


Listen to me. You’re going to see videos of these people with smears all over their face telling you to use full coverage and a whole contour kit, and these people aren’t wrong. This is a look that can work – that has worked, in front of Hollywood cameras for years. That’s why it looks so good in videos. That’s what it was designed for.

But life isn’t a video. The whole point of these techniques is to stop the camera from flattening out the natural depth of your face. It’s a side effect of ‘the camera adds ten pounds’, and why no one says ‘natural lighting adds ten pounds’. If you want cheekbones and a jawline, they’re already there! But using a full coverage foundation can erase more than just pimples, and that’s why you’re not seeing your beautiful, natural lines.

So, when should I contour? In my opinion, there are three instances:

  1. If you want to add depth to your makeup.
  2. If you have something about your face you’d like to subtly edit down or emphasize.
  3. If you are wearing full coverage foundation, and want a dramatic Hollywood look (think big nights out and photographed occasions).

Contouring devotee trying to cut down? Not sure what to do with the knowledge we just dropped? Let us walk you through it.

Try wearing a light to medium coverage foundation and going in with a powder contour before applying your setting powder. This not only utilises your natural facial shadows but is super subtle and flattering.

For a more defined everyday look, apply a cream contour beneath your foundation, blending it out BEFORE foundation application. This works well if you’re trying to edit down a facial feature, or if you can’t be swayed from an everyday full-coverage foundation. If you still need a stronger contour, set your foundation with a powder and then lightly touch up with a contouring powder.

For that red-carpet look start by applying your foundation, and then go in with a cream sculpting product and blend out.  Set with powder and then touch up the drama with your powder contour.

On another note, sculpting your face is not an all or nothing occasion. You do not have to be wearing a full face of makeup to contour. Alternatively, you also don’t have to contour everything – if you like your nose, why are you sculpting it?

The takeaway: don’t contour everything just because people say you should. Embrace the au natural look, because Hollywood’s got too much drama.

Now you know when to contour, but do you know how? Keep an eye on Jecca Blac – we’ve got something exciting in the works to answer your questions for good!