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Sculpting for a Mature Face

Sculpting is, luckily, one of a few techniques that don’t require much change for mature skin. There is a lot you can do for your skin at an older age, but it mostly rests in skin-care. You’ll want to make sure you’re using an anti-aging cream, which can help blur fine lines and it might also help to use lighter foundations and cream products. Heavy foundations love to sit in lines and accentuate them, while powders cling to products and easily look cakey.

If anything, sculpting is a useful technique for an older face. Sculpting is often used to tighten and sharpen areas of the face, which is exactly what we need as we age. Below, we’ll outline areas of the face that can benefit from a slight change to your sculpting routine as you age.

For the eyes, try to avoid sculpting anywhere with crow’s feet, and the socket underneath the eye. The more products you add to this area, the more they sit in fine lines. Instead, take a cream softening shade and work just below the socket, from the nose to where the cheek starts.

If you have a fold between your cheeks and your nose/mouth area, it can be toned down by using a cream softening shade directly onto the crease.

While some older people lose weight in their face as they age, others gain weight and their face becomes rounder. If you are the second, it can help to chisel out your cheekbones with a cream sculpting shade, though you do not need to use a special technique for this.

Older skin often loses its tightness around the jawline, so it helps to concentrate on this area. Take a cream sculpting shade and follow it along your jaw. When you come to an area that is sagging, continuing following drawing along your natural jawline. You can then widen this line to slightly below your jawline, and blend out slightly into the neck.

Older faces suit more natural makeup. To achieve this, blend out the sculpting and softening shades, and then apply your foundation.

It is tempting to reach for a shimmery highlighter, but glitter also loves to live in your fine lines! This is one of very few sculpting techniques that will not work for an older face, so make sure that your highlighting products do not contain shimmer or glitter.

These steps can be worked into whatever sculpting routine you already have. Remember, the way to get the most out of sculpting is tailoring it to your own face, so don’t be afraid to play while you find what works for you.