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Pride Book Recommendation

Hi everyone! Hope you’ve had (and continue to have) an amazing time at all of the pride events that have been going on this time of year. We had a great time at London Pride, but we’re still looking for different ways to celebrate pride without having to go to huge events. For our second installment of alternative ways to celebrate pride, we have an LGBTQ+ book recommendation! Here’s one of our current favorites. 

    • Free to be Me, by Dom & Ink; An awesome, creative, pride-filled journal, written by one of our good pals. It is designed for anyone aged 13 to 103, and it is packed with great advice for people of all identities. It includes lots of LGBT+ history and it is full of great ideas on how to celebrate your own personal pride.

Let us know if you enjoy this recommendation, or if you have any other favorite books we should check out. Hope you enjoy this suggestion!