**NEW** Transgender Awareness Lipstick

The first makeup line targeted at transgender women

‘While your usual beauty brand focuses mostly on cis women and men, I wanted to create a makeup line to help fight the stigma and the discrimination the LGBT community face in this industry’  

With a background working television, makeup artist Jessica Blackler was sharing her work online when transgender women started asking her for advice. She noticed the lack of services available to them and soon decided to do something about it. Jessica created a safe space for the trans community, followed by the first makeup line specifically targeted at transgender women.    

Jecca Makeup strive for uniqueness

This was the beginning for Jecca. Jessica started working with several LGBT charities and attending trans event to better know her audience. Soon enough, she built a clientele of transgender women who were learning how to apply makeup for the first time. Jessica taught them how to enhance their natural beauty, covering beard shadows and using contouring to look more feminine.

Although targeted at transgender women, Jecca makeup is for anyone who dares to be confident in their own uniqueness. Inclusivity is indeed at the core of our brand. We offer a service that celebrates individuality and creativity. In line with its values, Jecca donates 5% of its profit to Stonewall and it is certified vegan and cruelty free from PETA.

Our Journey so Far

Our first product is the Correct & Conceal Palette. Particularly developed to help transgender women covering their beard shadow, the palette is also an essential to everyone’s makeup collection. In just 2 easy steps, in fact, this colour-correcting palette makes blemishes and imperfections disappear, leaving your skin flawless and smooth.

Jecca Makeup has had a very successful year so far, and it has drawn the attention of LGBT beauty personalities, such as Joseph Harwood. The British makeup artist with more than 150k subscribers on Youtube is known for stunning androgynous makeup looks and transformations on his channel. He is now partnering with our brand in the challenge to promote gender free makeup.

This September, Jessica has also taken part in Forbes Women 30 under 30. She presented Jecca Makeup to the audience, talking about the under-representation of transgender people in the beauty industry and why she founded the brand.  

Where do we go from here?

Jecca Makeup has some exciting projects coming up. Only this month, we launched our products in different retailers and we’re looking forward to expanding even more.

2019 is going to be a big year for Jecca Makeup and we can’t wait to share it with you. Make sure you subscribe to our weekly newsletter to keep up to date. Great things are coming your way and we couldn’t be more excited!