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Night Out at the British LGBTQ+ Awards

Recently, our founder, Jessica Blackler, had the wonderful opportunity to attend the British LGBT Awards. This particular awards show it’s dedicated to acknowledging and celebrating the UK’s best personalities and companies and the impacts that they have made in our world. The various awards recognised athletes, celebrities, activists, influencers, and many more. Some of the amazing people that received awards were: Nicola Adams Obe, Paul O’Grady, Courtney Act, Munroe Bergdorf, Peter Tatchell, Calle y Poché, Liv Little, Anna Richardson, Little Mix, Hayley Kiyoko, Cynthia Nixon, Ellie Goulding, and Stephen Fry. Overall, the night was a celebration of acceptance, progress, and love.

Hosted in Grosvenor Square, London, the night was a massive success for many people. The atmosphere during the evening was very accepting and positive, and Jessica said it was really refreshing to be around so many people that were making such a huge difference in the LGBTQ+ community. Jessica was very excited to catch up with Munroe Bergdorf, an LGBTQ+ editor for Dazed Beauty and transgender activist. Munroe actively uses her platform to campaign for positive change in the LGBT+ community, and for that, she was awarded Campaigner of the Year. Here’s a picture that they snapped together

Jessica also said that one of the most impactful moments of the night was Stephen Fry’s acceptance speech. After being awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award, Stephen spoke of the loneliness he dealt with while growing up in rural England, the support he gained in university, the friends he lost to the AIDS epidemic, and the love he found for his husband, Elliot Spencer. His mix of comedy, harsh truths, and inspiring stories tugged on everyone’s heartstrings and created a very emotional moment. If interested in hearing the speech yourself, you can watch it here!

In all, we at Jecca Blac believe it is important for events because it’s a great way to keep up with the progress of different brands and bring everyone in attendance up to date on all of the various impacts people have had. It also provides a space for new allies to come in and learn all about the community and work that people are doing to change the world we live in today for the better.