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Makeup 101: Where Do I Start?

Makeup 101: Where Do I Start?

Picture this: you decided to start wearing makeup for the first time. You saw your
friends doing it, you might have had inspiration online, or you simply believe the time
has come to take the plunge. Then, a simple question you never thought before pops
into your mind: where do I — actually — start?
You buy a foundation because well, it must be called ‘foundation’ for a reason. You
also grab a couple of eyeshadows and even a contouring kit. Maybe you even go as
far as applying it, but you end up looking like a clown (which is easier than you might
think). This was definitely not your intention.
Deciding to wear makeup for the first time can be quite scary. It’s even scarier when
you have all these products in front of you and zero idea of what to do with them. So,
let’s take a step back, before you even buy anything.
Jecca Makeup shares with you everything you need to know when starting using
makeup for the first time! This is the first instalment of a series we will call ‘Makeup
101’, because we’re going back to the basics. These are things you should think
about before purchasing any product.

Experiment, but with caution

It can be extremely overwhelming when moving from seeing makeup on other
people and applying it on ourselves. Especially because sometimes we’re not even
really sure of what we want.
A bright lip colour or a set of bold eyebrows may look so good on your favourite
celebrity, but you might find it odd when it stares back from your mirror. On your
In the confusion of it all, it’s likely that you would end up buying a bunch of stuff you
will never use. Sometimes, it could also be that you’re simply not used to it.
Our advice is start slowly. Neutral colours are amazing to start playing with, as
they’re mostly about intensifies the natural shadows of your face. Bases, like
foundation, colour correctors and concealer are also a good place to start. The best
smoky eye look can be easily ruined by the wrong shade of foundation.
(Of course, if you’re all about glitter, sparkly highlighter and blue lips, go for it. The
aim is for you to love and enjoy yourself first!)

Makeup brushes can wait

In our guide on how to use our Correct & Conceal Palette, we suggested applying
the product with your hands. We stand behind that and add that brushes are great,
but not necessary when you’re first starting out.

Again, if you are experimenting with strong pigmented colours, maybe you wouldn’t
want to find your hands like it was an artist’s tablet. But especially if your applying
mostly liquid products, your hands are more than enough.

Know your colours

There are a lot of resources out there to discover your undertones and what
foundation colour would suit you best. Keep your eyes peeled for our blog post all
about undertones and skin type! But if you’re comfortable enough, you could also
ask a makeup artist for help.
What most are only starting to talk about now, though, is the colour wheel. The
colour wheel shows you what — you guessed it — colour you need to contrast
another one. So, if you have red spots you should use a green colour corrector; if
you want to cover beard shadows, you should use a red/peachy colour.
Knowing all of this will help you when purchasing makeup for your base.

Your skincare is more important than you think

We can’t stress this enough here at Jecca Makeup, but your skincare matters. Quite
a lot. We are dedicating a whole another series only on skincare, that’s how much
we care.
The condition of your skin will determine the way your makeup will stay on during the
day. If it goes cakey, and dry patches start appearing around your face, it’s not the
product. It’s your skin which is probably dehydrated.

Find a little time to discover your skin type and how to treat it well. And always
remember to take your makeup off at the end of the night!

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