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London’s Must-See LGBTQ+ Landmarks


Happy pride season everyone! Here at Jecca Blac, we are very excited for all of the events that are coming up in the next few months (including some fun stuff from us!). In the meantime, we’d love to highlight some cool aspects of LGBTQ+ London. This blog will be about key LGBTQ+ locations in the city that have shaped the community as we know it today.


Gay’s The Word Bookshop

  • Getting its fame from the movie Pride, this bookshop is the UK’s first lesbian and gay bookshop. As the last surviving LGBTQ+ bookshop in London, they carry all kinds of publications, including romance, crime, nonfiction biographies, and self-help books. They also carry one of our favorites, DomandInk’s Free to be Me!


Above the Stag Theatre

  • Founded in 2008, this is the only producing venue in the UK that presents year-round LGBTQ+ themed theatrical productions. Located in Vauxhall, the theatre got its name from its previous location above the now-demolished gay club, The Stag.


London Transgender Clinic

  • Located near Oxford Circus, the London Transgender Clinic provides holistic care to transgender individuals living in London. This includes hormone replacement therapy (HRT), laser hair removal, personal counseling,  and makeup application assistance. This is also the only clinic in the UK providing a full range of gender-affirming surgery. Additionally, they carry our line of products, so you can pick them up there in-person!


Heaven Super-Nightclub

  • Famous for bringing gay clubs into the mainstream in the UK, Heaven was established in 1979, just 12 years after being gay was decriminalized. It’s been played by plenty of big-name artists such as Madonna, Kylie Minogue, Lily Allen, One Direction, Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga, Little Mix, and Cher. It’s currently the largest gay nightclub in Europe.


We hope you have enjoyed this small tour of important LGBTQ+ places in London. If you are located outside of London, we encourage you to do some research and visit the prideful places in your city. You might learn something that surprises you!