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Jecca Makeup’s Team Shares Their Skincare Secret

Jecca Makeup’s Team Shares Their Skincare Secret

Have you ever wondered who’s behind Jecca Makeup, what’s their favourite product and how they use it? As winter is approaching, and temperatures are dropping fearfully close to zero, we wanted to give you a little insight into our preferred

Moisturising is often overlooked in makeup routines, especially by those starting for the first time. But it’s the most important part. If your foundation or concealer look cakey, chances are that it’s not the product’s fault. Instead, it’s probably because you
don’t moisturise enough. Same goes if your wrinkles or acne tend to get worse with makeup on. A good cream could completely change that. So, before throwing your expensive foundation away, you should try adding a good moisturiser into your routine. For inspiration, here’s Jecca Makeup’s team favourite ones.


Sophie’s Choice: DermEden’s DD Cream
















Sophie, our Social Media Manager, says: ‘During fall, I use a DD Cream. It’s perfect to protect your skin (yes! DD creams are also known to have the benefit of combatting fine lines and wrinkles) and prepare it before putting on makeup. It also gives a natural glow without putting a foundation. I use the DD Cream of DermEden as my go to! I advise to use a DD cream to all of the girls who don’t have the time in the morning to do a complete makeup look but still want a flawless skin’.

You Heard It Here First: Our Founder Jessica is in Love with Ayuna
















Jessica says: ‘I have recently started using Ayuna, it’s an amazing natural skin care brand. I met the founders at a beauty event and was given these samples to try, I love it! My skin is dry, especially in the winter months and this is so good for dry skin and for prepping your face for makeup. I will definitely be purchasing a full size soon!’


Gabrielle Says Her Skin Only Needs Mario Badescu












Gabrielle, our Product Copywriter, says: ‘A while back I was having skin problems and my doctor asked me, ‘why do you use moisturising creams everyday if you have oily skin?’. It was a real lightbulb moment. My skin type doesn’t need a heavy cream daily and The Mario Badescu spray is the most reliable moisturising spray that keeps my skin soft, smells delicious, and wakes me up in the morning. It’s also really lovely to cool you down in hotter climates, particularly on holiday when I’m not wearing makeup!’


Andrea Goes Natural with Organic Argan Oil











Andrea, our Copywriter, say’s ‘I was using Argan Oil by I Provenzali only on my hair, when I ran out of  when I ran out of moisturiser and I tried applying it on my face. I have mixed skin that gets really dry around my mouth and my nose, so that’s the only area I moisturise daily. I was scared at first the oil would break me out more, but it did the opposite. It calms my skin down like no other fancy product has done before. I also tend to apply it at night, after taking my makeup off and before going to bed, so it can really sink in. I promise wake up to the softest skin!’


Angelica Thinks Ahead with Olay’s Anti-Wrinkle Instant Hydration













Angelica, our Graphic Designer, says: ‘I don’t tend to use a moisturiser very often, as I find my skin doesn’t always need it. But when I do, I like Olay’s Anti-Wrinkle cream. I believe you’re never too young to start taking care of yourself, and if this helps prevent my wrinkles well — I am all for it!’

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