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Jecca Makeup’s Team Shares Their New Year Resolutions

Jecca Makeup’s Team Shares Their New Year Resolutions

It’s that time of the year again, when everyone makes promises to themselves, they can’t keep. We would lie if we said we’re any different, so we’re unashamedly sharing with you the Jecca Makeup’s Team new year resolutions!

We’re also excited to hear what you’re looking forward to! We heard the best way to keep up with resolutions is to make it as specific as possible. Leave us a comment on our Instagram page — we want to know how many times YOU are planning to go to the gym this year. Who knows, maybe this will serve us as a reminder of our goals for 2019.

Jess, our Founder, is all about enjoying the outdoors this year: ‘As well as exercising in the gym, I want to take on outdoor runs twice a week. London is full of beautiful parks and it’s so great to be outdoors more, especially since I spend a lot of time both travelling and inside the office’.

Sophie, our Social Media Manager, will concentrate on bettering herself: ‘My New Year’s resolution is self-improvement: I want to read more books (especially on personal growth) and finding new ways to bettering myself. I want to start drawing and painting again and take on boxing once I’m back home in France. I want to overall be more fit and healthy. I would also like to learn how to play the ukulele, and I will commit to sending a positive text to someone every day’.

Andrea, our Copywriter, just wants to make more memories: ‘My biggest goal for 2019 is to document more. Although I literary carry a camera every day on my phone, I don’t take nearly as many photos or videos as I’d like, especially for myself and the people close to me. It’s always either Instagram or visual reminders of this or that. This December, I want to be able to fill a whole album of memories from the past year’.

Gabbi, our Product Copywriter, will read loads this 2019: ‘My resolution is to read a book a week! My bookcase is too full of untouched books, as is my wish list. I’ve written a week by week list to stick to. Not only do I love reading but my professional work benefits from it too, so next year, less Netflix, more good reads!’

Angelica, our Graphic Designer, wants to better her skills (and drink wine!): ‘I want to dedicate at least 2 hours every day to learning new graphic design skills and do lots of drawings. I’d also like to travel more, all around the world, discover lots of good wines, start exercising, and giving myself more time off watching Netflix!’