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Jecca Blac’s sculpting know-how

Sculpting – look up how to do it and you’ll get four different opinions. Everyone’s way is different and it’s hard to know where to begin. But this is one of the great things about contouring too – there’s a technique to suit everyone. For some ideas on where to start, this is how the Jecca Blac office has worked sculpting into their routine.


Jessica, founder, on mastering one technique:

I use a matte, cool tone bronzer to sculpt my face. I tend to use creams when I want more definition- I find creams a lot easier to use when creating that sculpted look. I also think, if you know how to do contour correctly, you can use the same technique day or night – it’s all about colour matching correctly.


Gaby, product copywriter, on the perks of sculpting:

Every day, I do a little powder contour on my cheeks and chin. I also do one small line, across the bridge of my nose, because for some reason it slims the whole thing down. It takes all of two minutes. On the other hand, when I’m going out I allot hours of time to get the perfect base (and selfie). It’s so much fun and looks so good… and I love a compliment. I go to town with my cream contour kit, although I’m still learning, so I apply it under foundation and then add a little powder contour after I’ve set my makeup. It’s a really subtle drama that works for me.


Andrea, digital copywriter, on keeping it low-key:

I tend to do some contouring when I have a special event or date, and I want to look a bit more put together and enhance my features — so not on a daily basis. I use a bronze powder to contour my forehead and my cheekbones, and I use just a little bit of product on my jawline.


Sophie, social media manager, on the details:

I contour my face around my forehead, my cheeks bones and my jawbone. I make a ‘three’ to contour with my powder. Why? To make my forehead and my jawline less prominent!