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Jecca Blac’s LGBT campaign: ‘Love yourself’

Jecca Blac’s core value is inclusivity. We want everyone to feel represented and confident in their own skin. When we think of our customers, we think of real people, with real stories and real experiences. Our LGBT campaigns aim to show just that.

Without a script nor filters, Samantha, Emma and Dai shared their stories with Jessica Blackler as part of our most recent campaign ‘Love Yourself’. Part of an LGBT charity group our founder Jessica had previously worked with, they excitedly stepped forward to be at the forefront of our campaign.

The three posed for Jecca Blac and shared parts of their journeys. Creating a safe space for them to express themselves was our first priority, as we share their stories with you.

‘I didn’t understand why that was happening to me, but as I grew older into my teens, I just found a bigger disconnect between myself and the male stereotype’

Samantha Carpenter had a tough time growing up, trying to fit into a stereotype she didn’t embrace. Since very young, she knew she wasn’t the way everyone else expected her to be.

Only in the last 10-15 years, she started to dress how she truly felt. The worst times were living as a woman behind closed doors, while still having to present herself as a male at work.

In her interview, Samantha reminds us how bad situations like hers can affect your mental health, as her double-life caused her to self-harm. Luckily, she found the strength to seek help and her journey with the NHS started in 2012.


Another hard reality is brought up by Emma Howells, who shares the spotlight with her partner. She talks about the struggle of living her journey under the eyes of her children, especially her youngest.

‘My youngest daughter can’t accept it. So, whenever we go to see her […] I have to go as my old self, which is a bit awkward’

Her partner adds to the conversation, suggesting that the younger children are introduced to LGBT discourses, the easier would be for them to accept others.


Finally, Dai denounces the widespread treatment of transgenders as ‘curiosities’. As a bisexual trans man, representation is what always lacked in his life. According to a 2009 survey by TransMediaWatch, 78% of people interviewed agree with him.

My first introduction to the idea was when I was bullied in late primary school because they thought I was a lesbian’

Jecca Blac created the LGBT Campaign with the purpose of changing that, steering the attention towards real people. You can hear more about Samantha, Emma and Dai on our IGTV page.