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Team’s Favourite Face Masks

The skin care world has seen a raging obsession with face masks recently. From homemade concoction to Korean face sheets and golden-layered masks, there seems to be something for everyone. For sure, there’s at least a lot to experiment with.

The Jecca Blac’s team is here to share their favourite face masks with you. After sharing our favourite moisturisers, we thought it would be fun to give you an insight into what we do to pamper our skin on those days we need it the most.

So, be ready to prepare a hot tub, light some candles and breathe in some lavender-infused bath soak after reading this post. You will definitely feel the need for some ‘me-time’ once you read what we have to tell you.

Jessica’s Natural Skin Treat from The Body Shop

Jessica Blackler, the founder of Jecca Blac, says: ‘I use The Body Shop’s Tea Tree Clearing Clay Mask. I love this mask as it really works into the pores and makes your skin feel fresh and soft! I also love the smell of tea tree on my face’.

Andrea’s Mysterious Find: Australian Matcha Mask

Andrea, our Copywriter, says: ‘Mine was a completely random find at TK Maxx. It’s a Matcha Green Clay Mask by an Australian brand called Organik Botanik. It only has 4 ingredients and they all are unbelievably clean — it even has Quartz in it! I use the mask sparingly as I have pretty sensitive skin, but it never fails to surprise me how my face looks so much brighter when I clean it off’.  

Gaby’s Real Blemishing Fighter

Gaby, our Product Copywriter shares: ‘9 days out of 10, my skin is totally clear – but the 10th day is always an angry red nightmare. Clear Skin’s Blemishing – Fighting Mask completely calms down any breakouts overnight, and I’ve even used it in the morning if I have a big event coming up later that day. It also smells gorgeous and lasts ages’.

Sophie’s All-In-One Awarded Pick

Sophie, our Social Media Manager says: ‘I use the In Transit Camera Close-Up from Thisworks. It’s not just a mask, it’s also my daily moisturiser and primer. Thanks to this product my everyday skin looks so much healthier and ‘plump’. A must-have mask and skincare!’