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Jecca Blac Gives Tutorials in French and Italian

Earlier this week you found out that our Social Media Manager Sophie and our Copywriter Andrea are respectively French and Italian. With the launch of our Sculpt & Soften Palette featuring a handy guide for tips and tricks, it seemed only right to take advantage of having different languages in the office and give our fellow French and Italian speaking customers a little help too.

Jecca Blac is focused on educating its customers about using makeup for the first time and discovering different ways to do it. The brand has always been concerned with making everyone confident in using our products. We’ve already been sharing many blog posts about the Sculpt & Soften Palette, and we always offer beginners simple tips in our Beauty Basics.

We’re strongly moved by our message of inclusivity. That’s why we want to reach out also to those whose English is not their first language. Jecca Blac knows no limits.

We filmed 2 short videos featuring Sophie and Andrea talking you through different techniques on how to use the Sculpt & Soften Palette directly from our booklet. If either you’re a native speaker, just learning a new language or simply enjoy foreign accents, you’ll be able to see both tutorials on our Instagram stories @jeccablac!