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Introducing Ashlee and Jonah

Introducing Ashlee and Jonah

The transgender couple who models for Jecca Blac

You might have seen Ashlee appearing in Jecca Blac videos before, so you should know how open she is talking about her experience as a transgender woman. On her own YouTube channel, she also covers her relationship with Jonah, a transgender man, and the two of them discuss their transitions. A few weeks ago, Jecca Blac invited the couple for a photoshoot featuring our Correct & Conceal Palette.

During the photoshoot, our founder Jessica Blackler had a little chat with Ashlee about being part of the LGBT community. ‘Being part of the LGBT community has enlightened us to a lot in our life’ Ashlee says, before adding ‘The most important part for us is that people see us as our personality, attitude and values before our identity. Just because we are part of a widespread community it doesn’t mean we all think or believe the same things. It’s most important to judge us on the value of our character rather than our gender identity’. Although it can be hard for people outside of the LGBT community to really understand what it means to be part of it, Ashlee rightly incites people to ‘just have human empathy’.

Jecca Blac has never been shy about promoting its close relation with the LGBT community. We are a business born because of the transgender community, and we will always make sure to give them the necessary representation. We understand the difficulties of those who have few resources to learn about makeup and that’s why we created the Beauty Basics series and make sure all of our products come with handy how-to guides.

As Ashlee would say to her younger self, ‘you are worthy of love, understanding and other people’s time. As you change, the world is going to change with you, just remember to be patient and do what you have to do to make your life an authentic happy one’. We want to be part of that change.

You can see Ashlee and Jonah appearing respectively in our How to Cover Acne & Redness and How to Cover Eye Darkness tutorials.