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How To Use Correct & Conceal

How To Use Correct & Conceal

We like to repeat how Jecca Makeup was created by the collaboration of our founder Jessica Blackler with transgender women. But what does this mean, exactly?

Well, for starters, it means that our products are developed thinking about the struggles transgender women face when applying makeup. So, while making the best coverage your spots have ever come across, we were also thinking about things like beard shadows.

Jecca Makeup’s Correct & Conceal Palette is all you need for your skin to look flawless. It can cover beard shadows, acne, dark circles and even tattoos! How, do you ask? Here’s a simple guide.




STEP ONE: No matter how perfect your shave is, sometimes it leaves behind a blue shadow that’s hard to cover. Our two-step palette will help you achieve the smooth skin a concealer alone can’t quite get rid of.

STEP TWO: The blue shadows can be corrected by applying concealer with pink or orange undertones. Apply the ‘colour correct’ side of our palette over the shadow and blend it out using a sponge or your fingers.

STEP THREE: Now, it’s time to apply the concealer. Blend it on top of the colour correct et voilà: your beard shadow won’t be visible anymore! You will be left with smooth, perfect skin.




STEP ONE: Even the best of us can sometimes regret our decisions. You might have fallen out of love with your inks, or perhaps decided to cover them for an important meeting or interview. No matter the reason, it might be tough to find a good product to cover your tattoos. But our Correct and Conceal has come to the rescue!

STEP TWO: Choose the palette that best goes with your undertones. Use the colour correct as a first layer to cover your tattoo. Make sure to blend it well, applying it to the whole area around your tattoo as well. Then, set it with a loose powder.

STEP THREE: Apply the concealer on top of the powder to make sure the whole area doesn’t mismatch the colour of your skin. Although the layers will cover your tattoo perfectly, it is important to give as much attention as applying the product on the edges of the area. You can then set it with a setting spray to make sure it won’t smudge!


But this is not all: we have two more guides on our Pinterest page for you to look at any time you need. You can also shop our product now

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