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How to Make Your Makeup Bag Cruelty Free

In the past few years, we’ve seen the beauty industry making more and more effort towards going cruelty-free. There is a general growth in awareness in the world, and we’re proud to be part of it. As you may know, Jecca Blac is completely cruelty free, certified PETA, and vegan.

We understand that it can be hard sometimes to figure out which other brands are cruelty free. Not all of them state it so plainly as we do and it needs some research to find out. That’s why we thought to give you some simple advice on how to make your makeup bag cruelty free.


So, let’s talk the hardest part first: research. There are a lot of resources out there that can help you out — websites completely dedicated to listing cruelty free and vegan products and/or brands.

One of our favourites is Ethical Elephant. It’s an updated blog on everything cruelty free and vegan in the beauty and clothing industry. It also offers articles on understanding China’s animal testing laws and the space to ask questions.

On Ethical Elephant you can also find reviews of beauty products and what’s the best cruelty free and vegan alternatives out there. Even if a brand is not completely vegan, here you can find a list of which of their products are.

Cost per wear

Another thing to figure out when approaching a cruelty free lifestyle is your budget. Although you don’t have to spend a lot of money to find good cruelty free products, chances are the brands who advocate against animal cruelty are also the most expensive.

A good tip would be to know what you tend to wear the most and start from there. When changing your makeup bag, there will also be a few misses. Invest in the products that are part of your daily routine and play around with everything else.

Define your limits

Nobody is expecting you to go completely cruelty-free or vegan overnight. Changing habits takes time and some learning to do. The best thing when deciding to make your makeup bag cruelty free is to do it a little bit at a time.

Define your limits and work on pushing them further. Challenge yourself to finding the best cruelty free and/or vegan foundation, if that’s what you use the most. You’ll find that once you’re successful with one product you’d want to find another one after another one.

Start small and build up. Changes can be daunting, so taking it one step — or should I say product — at a time is the best and most effective thing you can do.

Introduce, don’t replace

Following on our last advice, you don’t need to throw away what you can still use to replace with its cruelty free alternative. Use up what you have and make the changes once that’s done.

Why? Well, imagine you are using something tested on animals and caused suffering. Throwing it away would make it even more worthless than the suffering was in the first place. If you had a change of mind and decided to go cruelty-free, nobody will point the finger to something you bought before making that decision. On the contrary, they will applaud you for making the change.

Do your best

The last thing we have to say is, take your time and do your best. Finding out what goes on behind closed doors to create a product you love can be daunting. It’s good that you finally saw it and decided to act on it, but there is no blame if you have a few slip ups.

Perfection does not exist and everyone started from somewhere. Doing a little is always better than doing nothing, so be happy every time you do something good. No matter how little or irrelevant it feels.