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Correct & Conceal Palette: Q&A with Jessica Blackler

As you can see in our How-To guides, using Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal Palette is very easy. Three steps are all it requires — little efforts for maximum results. However, we understand that it might be intimidating for some, especially if you’re approaching makeup for the first time.

Jecca Blac was founded with the idea of making makeup accessible to all. To us, this also means creating makeup that is easy to use and apply, so that everyone can be comfortable wearing it in public spaces. We want you to be as confident as possible when using our products.

The Correct & Conceal Palette was specifically formulated thinking about transgender women and their need to cover five o’clock shadows. We are aware then, when trying to pass, a beard shadow can stop you from feeling confident. We don’t want that to happen anymore. So, we thought a Q&A with our founder Jessica Blackler could clear some of your doubts and help you feel more confident.

After using the Correct & Conceal Palette to cover the beard shadow, can I apply foundation on top?  

Yes of course. The Correct & Conceal Palette can be used under or on top of foundation.

What kind of foundation is best to use with the Palette?

I would suggest a foundation that suits your skin type. For example, if you have dry skin, you should avoid matte finishes as it will make the skin look dull and dry.

How much product shall I use to cover my beard shadow?

We suggest you use a fair amount to cover the whole area. It’s always easier to add then take away with makeup. You should start with a small amount and keep adding until the area is as full coverage as you desire.

Can I use my hands to apply the product or should I use a makeup brush?

It might sound strange, but it’s really good to use your hands to apply skin base products. Your hands warm up the product and you won’t be left with any brush marks!

Can I use the concealer without the colour corrector?

Yes! Some areas, like acne, don’t need the peachy colour corrector.

I tried different products before, but the result is always cakey, and my skin looks dry. What do you recommend to avoid this?

Cakey patches happen because of your skin condition rather than the makeup you are using. If you are not using the correct skin care, then your makeup isn’t going to look good I’m afraid.

How do I know which shade is best for me?

I would suggest asking one of our team members if you are shopping online.

What other products would you recommend for a full base?

Full base: concealer, foundation and then a good, high-quality powder to set the underneath.

Will the colour corrector show after applying the concealer?

Absolutely not. That is the whole point of a colour corrector: it’s to get rid of the colour undertones of the skin.

Should I use a powder to set the product?

Yes, always use a powder on top of cream products and if you’re going for a heavy look.

How important is my skincare before applying the Correct & Conceal Palette?

The Jecca Blac’s team has actually shared all about our skincare secrets! If you don’t know where to start, I’d suggest having a read at our favourites to get some inspiration.