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Contouring: Back To Basics

Contouring can be easy. It can be a two-minute addition to your routine that makes all the difference to your face. Here is a really, really easy way to add in a little something extra with next to no effort.

For this technique, I’d suggest using a powder contour; one about two shades deeper than your skin, and one about a shade lighter, as well as a powder blush. Make sure you’re not using bronzer to contour.

Find your cheekbones (you can do this by placing your thumb by your ear, your index finger next to your nostril, and sliding your thumb down). Take the darker powder and gently dust along this line with a fluffy, angled brush, aiming to enhance any shadows you naturally see.

After this, dust the lighter powder along the top of your cheekbone. Aim for where they are already brought forward, as this what you want to show off.

Finally, find the apples of your cheeks (they usually show themselves when you smile). Gently sweep your blush from the outside of your apples (not the center), and up your cheekbones. Apply blush very gently for a natural glow.

This is one very popular kind of contouring. Its aim is to slim the face, and it might not be what you want to achieve. But there are a hundred ways to contour, and the more you learn about it, the more you can specialise it to your face.

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