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Beauty Basics: The Smoky Eye Everyone Wants

Sometimes, it feels like only makeup experts can be able to achieve the perfect smoky eye, doesn’t it? All those dark colours look scary, hard to work with, and especially as a newbie, you might be put off from ever even trying a smoky eye. Well, we’re here to tell you that you can, and you should.

First of all, a smoky eye is not as difficult as it seems. And it doesn’t even have to involve a black eyeshadow to be noteworthy. You don’t believe us? You will, after reading this simple guide on how to achieve the smoky eye everyone wants (including you).


Before starting, a blank canvas to play with is what you want. This is achievable through priming your eyelid. It can be done with either an eyeshadow base or your concealer. Simply, apply a little dot on your lid and blend it with your fingers all over. Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal Palette is perfect for this.

Priming will not only cover any discolouration on your eyelid, but it will also help with the oiliness. Eyeshadows tend to move around during the day, creating a patchy, due to the oil on your skin. Having a base will prevent this from happening, as well as giving a little boost to colours. The pigmentation will indeed show up much better on a primed eyelid.

Neutral base

After priming, you can start applying the eyeshadow. We advise you to start with a very neutral colour first. Choose the eyeshadow that most resembles the natural colour of your skin as your first coat.

A neutral base will already create a natural shadow in the crease, which disappeared with the priming. This will give you a clearer idea of what you’re working with and where to apply the different shades.

Choose your colours

A smoky eye doesn’t have to rely on the colour black. You can create a smoky eye with basically any eyeshadows, as long as you place the darkest shade in the eye crease. We’re talking about mixing yellows with greens, pinks and blues and so on. There’s really no end to the possibilities.

However, if you’re not feeling as crazy, you can stick to the classics. Browns, navys, dark greys are all perfect options for a more natural look. Ideally, you should have chosen at least three different shades to work with: the lightest will go on your eye’s inner corner and under your brow arch; the medium shade will go over your lid; the darkest shade is for your crease.

You can also experiment with different ways of paring the colours. The lightest shade could go on the centre of your eyelid for a brighter look, giving the impression of having larger eyes. Or you could choose an extra dark shade to apply on top of the other one and play with dimensions. It’s really all up to you!

Choose your blending

Once you know what colours to use, you can choose a way to blend it. The general rule is to blend the darkest shade from the lid outwards, towards your brow.

Mainly, you can choose to blend in two different ways, depending on the look you want to achieve. If you’d like to make your eyes look rounder and bigger, while blending the shade outwards, concentrate around the crease area, going upwards.

Another option is the classic cat-eye look. You can help yourself by placing your fingers from the out corner of your eye, towards the end of your brow. Blend the darker shade outwards, following the side of your finger, and then going back towards the crease.

Apply your concealer after

The last touch to your perfect smoky eye is concealer. It would be best to do your base after doing your smoky eye, especially if you’re working with really dark colours. Apply your concealer under your eye to clean up the area from any colour that might have fallen there.

Concealer can also help with the cat eye look. Remember where you put your finger to help with the blending? You can apply some concealer there too and create a cleaner and starker line between your skin and the eyeshadow. Get the perfect result with the Soften shade from our Sculpt & Soften palette!


If you have any suggestions for topics you want us to cover, email us and we’ll be happy to talk about it next time!