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Beauty Basics: The Secrets for a Flawless Base

It’s time to step up our game. In this episode (is it still okay to say it, for a blog post?), of Beauty Basics, we’re talking about the base. Now that you know how to choose your foundation and what brushes you need, it’s time to put two and two together. Here are the secrets for a flawless base!

Everything about these secrets depends on what kind of look you’re going for. For a natural, fresh look, we advise you to do as little coverage as possible: embrace those freckles and let them be free! But if you’re going full coverage, remember that is all about blending (assuming you’ve already prepped your skin!)

Correct & Conceal

The first thing to do when starting your base is to locate the areas of your face that need a little help. More importantly, notice what colour those areas are. If it’s a dark, blueish colour (like your beard shadow, or your under-eye), opt for an orange-toned corrector to layer underneath a concealer. Or the latter might be just enough for redness or spots.

Of course, we recommend Jecca Makeup’s Correct & Conceal Palette, which will provide you with everything you need in one compact place. The corrector is the perfect tone to use against dark areas, whilst the concealer will help you cover any discolouration. Follow our guides to get the perfect result!

Start small

Always apply a little bit of product at a time. You might need less than you think, and layering will avoid overdoing it. Also, make sure to blend each application really well, covering as much of the area as you can with only one coat. Only then will you be able to tell if you need more or not.

Layering with caution

If you’re layering concealer on top of the colour corrector, again, make sure to do it a little bit at a time. Especially if you’re layering the same product to try and cover up a really stubborn spot, it’s always best to do so with caution.

If you’re noticing that the discolouration simply won’t go away, leave the concealer aside and move onto the foundation. This is usually more pigmented and will blend the concealer with the rest of your face, resulting in a more natural look.

Foundation, only if necessary

As we previously said, you might need a little extra help by the almighty foundation. This can be in liquid, powder or cream form. Just make sure to find the right texture for your skin.

Although it is a popular belief that foundation is always needed, that’s not the case. Concealer could be just enough. Especially if you’re not applying too much, you can blend the product so well that it will uniform the colour of your face just the same as a foundation would do.

Set it all

The last touch is using a setting powder. Grab your biggest, fluffier brush and give it a good swirl in your powder of choice. Apply a thin layer on your face, with special attention to the concealed areas, and you’re good to go.

If you’re using a powder foundation, the setting powder might not be needed. Layering too many powders could result in a cakey, unnatural look, which is definitely not what you want.


If you have any suggestions of topics you want us to cover, email us and we’ll be happy to talk about it next time!