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Beauty Basics: Taking Care of Your Makeup Brushes

Earlier in this series, we’ve talked about essential makeup brushes that you might want to add to your collection. However, we haven’t covered how to take care of them: wash them, dry them and some basic questions. So, here are all the details on how to take care of your makeup brushes!

Cleaning your brushes

You may notice that your brushes hold onto quite a lot of product after each use. What you don’t see is the number of bacteria that also festers among the bristles. Bacterias leads to infections, and that’s why it is important that you keep your brushes clean.

Although you can purchase soap made just for cleaning brushes, a gentle shampoo will also do the work just fine. You can dampen your brush under running water, squeeze a little bit of shampoo on the palm of your hand and then rub the brush against it in circular motions. You will see the residue of the product leaving the bristles right away. 

If you notice the product is particularly hard to get rid of, you can try using some oil instead of shampoo. This time, you can rub the dry brush directly into a tiny amount of oil and do the same as with the shampoo.

Once you’re satisfied with the result, use a cloth or some kitchen towel to clean the brushes of any water excess. Reshape the brush and live it to dry on a flat surface, with the bristles not touching.

Cleaning your beauty blender

If you’re using a beauty blender instead of a foundation brush, the cleaning process is pretty similar. However, try not to use any oil, as it will be absorbed and very hard to get completely rid of.

Instead of applying the shampoo on the palm of your hand, squeeze it directly onto the beauty blender. Then, rub it between your hands and keep running it under the water until it’s clean of any residue. Just leave it on any surface to dry.

Cleaning your flat brushes

If you use flat brushes for your eyebrows or eyeliner, you might want to be a little bit more careful when you clean them. It’s most important that they retain their flat, thin shape.

When rubbing them in the shampoo, try to do stroking movements instead of circular once. You also might want to put particular attention when cleaning them on the towel or cloth. A little trick is to keep doing strokes until you see no more products leaving some lines behind. Finally, make sure the bristles are in perfect shape when leaving the brushes to dry.

Never use a wet brush

Once you’ve done your cleaning, be patient. You never want to use a wet brush to apply your makeup, as this will not only ruin the product by getting it wet, but it simply won’t work.

How many times should I clean my brushes?

Of course, the answer to this question is completely up to your habits. If you’re someone who wears makeup almost every day, we would recommend not to let more than 3 days pass in-between cleaning sessions.

In an ideal world, you would clean your brushes after every use, but who does really have the time? If you’re particularly keen to give it at least a little wash, you can spray some water on the bristles and use a cloth to take some of the products out before putting the brush down until next use.


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