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Beauty Basics: How to Find Colours that Suits You

You don’t often think about it this way, but makeup is a form of art. And like any form of art, it has its rules — which can be broken— but that can definitely help out someone who’s just starting.

Colours are the most important rule to learn. When applying makeup, you’re playing around with undertones, complexions and different shades, which hold the secret for a perfect makeup look. It is why celebrities always look so dashing: they have people — makeup artists — that know how colours work.

So, even if you can’t crack how to do the perfect eyeliner, knowing your colours might help you out a lot more. Here are a few simple rules to keep in mind when choosing your makeup.


Of course, the first obvious thing to notice when choosing your colours is your complexion. We’ve mentioned before why your undertone matters, so you should know the gist of it by now.

What you may not know, however, is how to go about choosing your blush and bronzer based on your complexion — because not all colours are for everyone. Remember the golden rule: you don’t want to match but complement.

For example, if you have a cool skin tone, your best options are warm colours, like an apricot blush and a golden bronzer. For neutral skin tone, instead, pink and peaches are recommended, and you’ll want your bronzer to give you an illuminating finish. Finally, dark skin tone looks best in metallic colours and can wear almost any shade.

Eye colour

You may have come across many articles telling you what eyeshadows best match your eye colour. Well, we’re here to sum them all up and give you the final word.

Blue eyes will pop with warm colours. Much as cool skin tones, blue eyes look their bluest when contrasted with earthy tones, like oranges and browns. Try a neutral look for your everyday makeup, and a taupe smoky eye for the evening.

Green eyes will look even greener against plum. If you have green eyes, make purple your best friend: mauve, violet and lilac are all perfect shades to enhance the colour of your eyes. Try to avoid cool-based blues.

Brown eyes have it best: they can wear whatever. Basically, all brown eyes out there have hit jackpot. There is no shade that will look bad on you. Instead, you can play around depending on what kind of look you’re going for but remember: golden shades will make your eyes pop.


The colour you wear on your lips can change their appearance. So, depending on what effect you’d like as a result, choose your lip colour carefully.

If you naturally have thin lips and you would like them to look fuller, avoid deep colours like berries and red wines. Instead, go for a bright, glossy red to draw more attention to your lips and make them look plumper.

Instead, if you’d like to tone down your makeup look, go for a nude, matte shade. For a more daring look, go at least two shades darker than the natural colour of your lips.


One last thing to take into consideration when choosing your makeup is the colour of your hair. There are a few general rules here that can help you out as well.


Those with brown hair should be careful not to let your makeup look too dull. Use bright, neutral colours to lighten your face, and avoid dark shades. Your main goal should be a fresh, sun-kissed look.  

Blonde hair goes hand in hand with bronze shades and pastels. Because your hair already illuminates your face, you can play around with dimensions and create a warmer look with your makeup. Be careful with black, however, as it may give you too much of dramatic contrast.

Green is, of course, the best colour for red hair, but have you ever thought of going warmer? Peach and copper are actually perfect colours for red hair too. Also, replace your black mascara for a brown one: it will soften your look and complement your hair.

If you have dark brown or black hair, you can definitely play around with whatever colour you want. Dramatic eye makeup and nude lips will work wonders with your hair; but if you want to go a little bit more mellow, try ivory or mocha eyeshadow and cherry lipstick.


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