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Beauty Basics: Debunking Makeup Myths

Beauty Basics: Debunking Makeup Myths

Have you ever heard read an article about the dos and don’ts of makeup? Do you remember someone in your family telling you that certain makeup was only allowed on certain occasions? Were you made believe that lipstick only belonged on lips? Well, we’re glad to inform you that these are all makeup myths.

The biggest myth of all is, of course, that makeup is only for women. Everyone can wear makeup and it shouldn’t be assigned a specific gender. As you may know, Jecca Makeup is here to normalise that.

But as we are doing our little part in debunking a myth that is only causing painful stereotypes, we also want to address lighter false information you might have been exposed to in past years.

You have to wear foundation

One of the most common beliefs is that foundation is a necessity for a complete makeup look. The truth, it is actually not.

If your skin doesn’t need extra coverage, or if you’re struggling with acne and need those pores to breathe, a foundation can do more damage than good. It can make your face look cakey and your makeup too heavy.

After applying concealer, stop for a second to consider if you’re face looks already flawless. You might not need an extra layer on top, and a setting powder can finish the look just as easily.


Each product is meant to do one thing and one thing only

To each their own — except when it comes to makeup. We might be blowing your mind with this, but have you ever thought of using the same product on your cheeks and your lips? Or perhaps create a natural, easy makeup look with only your bronzer?

Often, the same product can be applied to different areas of your face. Cream blush can work double as your choice of lip tint. Your light brown eyeshadow could be matching your eyebrows perfectly. And perhaps your bronzer could work in the crease of your eyes to create a warm, perfect for autumn makeup up look.

You need a whole set of brushes

This is something that here at Jecca Makeup, we keep saying a lot. You do not need brushes to apply your makeup. Of course, they are a nice addition and they can give you better results with different products (read our Makeup 101 on texture for more info on that!), but brushes are not something you should worry about at the beginning.

As with our Correct & Conceal Palette, you can use your hands to apply makeup. You will find it much easier, especially when it comes to cream formulas. The warmth of your hands is perfect to blend the product, and you can get to spots better than with any brush.


There are set rules you need to learn

Lastly, the most difficult myth to debunk: forget all you know about makeup. It’s good to follow a few tips, perhaps learning what each product is and how to apply it. But again, you can use your lipstick as a blush and all the rules come tumbling down.

Experimenting is at the core of makeup. Lots of products would not exist today if it weren’t for people having fun with different formulas and colours. Yes, you may have a warm undertone and look better in golden colours, but what if a metallic silver is what you live for? We say wear it.

There are no rules you need to learn before starting to wear makeup. Advice, yes — that’s what Beauty Basics is all about! But then, go on your own and find what feels good.

Beauty Basics is the new name for our Makeup 101 series, which allows us to cover so many more topics than just makeup! Don’t worry, though, its essence stays the same: giving those just starting out tips and tricks to feel confident and enjoy the world of beauty. 

If you have any suggestions of topics you want us to cover, email us at support@jeccamakeup.co.uk and we’ll be happy to talk about it next time!