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Beauty Basics: 3 Makeup Brushes You *Really* Need

Beauty Basics: 3 Makeup Brushes You *Really* Need

Beauty Basics is where we go back to the foundations of makeup, sharing tips and advice to first-time makeup users. No question is too silly here, as we believe it’s never too late to learn. Today, we’re going to talk about brushes.

We’ve written many posts where we advise using your own fingers when applying cream-based products, like with our own Correct & Conceal Palette. We’re still 100% behind it, but there are things you can’t quite do with your hands.

But brushes can be confusing: they have weird shapes, different textures, and really come in all sizes. It can also seem like you need all of them, one for each little dent on your face. Of course, this is not true. Here, we share with you the essential brushes you might want to start using right now.

The Powder Brush

This is a big, fluffy brush that should cover a large part of your face in one swipe. You should use it to set your cream and liquid products. You want it to feel soft and fluffy on your face, so be sure to check the texture before purchasing it!

Pick up a loose powder with the brush, tap it a couple of times on the bottom to let the product sink in and shake the rest away. Then, apply the product all of your face, with particular attention.

#Pro-tip: you can use a smaller brush to set smaller areas of your face, like your nose, or specific spots. You still want the bristles to be full and soft!

The Blending Brush

Yes, you can apply eyeshadow with your fingers. Especially with well-pigmented ones, patting it onto the eyelid with your fingertip might be the best option. You can also achieve an alright blending effect with your hands by smudging a darker shade on the crease of your eyelid, towards the centre.

However, we won’t hide that it can be quite messy — imagine going for a dark smoky eye and have all your fingertips a black, dark mess! That’s why we would recommend going for a blending brush.

Its size can vary depending on the size of your eye. Find the brush that fits perfectly in the crease, as it will be the most helpful in creating the perfect result.

#Pro-tip: for more precise applications, go for a pointier brush, with more compact bristles.

The Eyebrow Spoolie

We already talked about it in our new year trends’ post, but we’ll repeat it here: let your brows go wild this year! All you need is a little bit of encouragement on going upwards.

An eyebrow spoolie is a necessary item for your natural makeup look. Brush your eyebrows up and out and will instantly help those hard winter mornings look a little brighter: it will open up your eyes and give you a sense of neatness.  

#Pro-tip: you can purchase tinted eyebrow brushes, to give a little extra colour to your brows if needed!


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