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5 Tips to Make Your Eyes Look Bigger

There is a lot of information out there about how to make your eyes look bigger, maybe even too much. So, the Jecca Blac team has done the work for you. We’ve found the 5 infallible ways to make your eyes look bigger, approved by our founder and makeup artist Jessica Blackler. The best part? You only need eyeshadow, mascara, and two eyeliner pencils.

1. Define the crease

The first trick to make your eyes look bigger is eyeshadow. Use a lighter shade on top of your lid and a darker one for the crease. Instead of bringing the latter up and outwards, follow your natural crease, blending the shadow slightly inwards.

Make sure not to bring the dark shade too forward or you’ll get a much different effect. Defining your crease will make your eyes instantly look rounder and — indeed — bigger.

2. Double mascara

There might not be many people left who are still applying mascara on the lower lashes. However, it’s the perfect trick to make your eyes look bigger, especially when paired up with number 5 (read more to find out what that is!).

Use a lengthening mascara instead of a volumizing one (if you can get one that does both, even better). You don’t need to invest in a particular one, like those mascaras created solely for your lower lashes. Using your regular one will do just fine, as long as you’re careful not to apply too much product.

3. Brightening the inner corners

Another easy way is to create a light spot in the inner corners of your eyes. This will play with dimensions and bring the attention towards the centre of your face, giving the illusion that your eyes are closer (and bigger).

Choose a light, shimmery colour for the best result — matte shades work too, but they’re a little less eye-catching. Using a smaller brush, or your finger, apply a little bit of the product on your inner corner and blend it with the shade next to it.

4. Smudge that eyeliner

If you want your eyes to look bigger, maybe you should skip on that feline look this time around. Instead, create a fine line with a dark eye pencil along your lash line, and end it with a small flick. Less harsh lines will soften your look and draw attention to other parts of your eye (like the lashes and the inner corners!)

To be a little extra, you can smudge the eyeliner a little bit. The flick can also be softened, by blending it slightly with the crease shade.

5. Skin-coloured eye pencil in the water line

The final touch is the most important. Have you ever seen those white eye pencil and wondered what the heck would they be for? Well, leave them alone. You won’t need them this time either.

Instead, go for a skin-coloured eye pencil. More specifically, a pencil of the same colour of your lower lash line. Apply it — you guessed it — on your lower lash line to clean it up of dark spots left by the mascara or the eyeshadow. It’s probably the most efficient, and easier way to make your eyes look bigger.

If you want to go even more extra, add a fine line of brown pencil under the lower rim, where your lashes are. Smudge it a little bit to soften the look.