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5 Ways Our Palettes Will Change Your Life

We’re known to aim high around here, so don’t be surprised if we claim our Correct & Conceal and our Sculpt & Soften palettes are absolute game changers. Jecca Blac developed both products with everyone in mind, answering to the needs of all. We strongly believed that makeup has no gender and everything we do, we do it to make a mark in this world and share our belief.

That’s why we call our products revolutionary — we really think they will revolutionise the beauty industry. So, here’s 5 ways our palettes will change your life. Forever.

1. They fit in your bag, purse or backpack 

And they’re easy to carry on the plane! They’re not liquids and most importantly, you don’t need to be afraid of any breakage or leakage. Both the Correct & Conceal and the Sculpt & Soften palettes have comfortable, compact packaging that won’t open unless forced.

Both palettes are the size of your pocket, which means they won’t take an insane amount of space when packing for your holiday. You can even fit them in your carry-on bag, ready for that off-of-the-plane refresh.

2. You don’t need extra products, not even brushes

That’s right: all you need is your hands. The creamy texture of both palettes allows anyone to apply the product without the need for particular brushes. Of course, if you decide to use them we won’t argue, but for quick touch-ups, your hands will do just fine.

Our founder herself recommends using your hands, especially when applying the products from the Correct & Conceal palette. It gives the most natural look and it makes it easier not to apply too much.

3. They’re buildable

Better than that, they’re meant to be layered. How many times have you found yourself wearing different layers of makeup, only to find yourself full of patchy, dry-looking skin at the end of the night? Well, it won’t happen with our palettes.

Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal and Sculpt & Soften are supposed to be worn and blended on top of each other. Have a look at our how-to and tutorials to see the products in action and learn the best ways to use them.

4. It’s your base, all in one place!

The rhyme was unintentional, but the message is still true. Say goodbye to 3 different foundations (depending on how tanned you are), and 4 different colour corrector sticks and welcome the easiness of using the Jecca Blac products.

With the Correct & Conceal palette, everything you need to cover acne, tattoos, scars or under eye darkness is already there. The Sculpt & Soften makes it even better by giving you the perfect highlighter and buildable dark shade to change the intensity according to your complexions.

5. We got your back

Yes, the last thing to know about the ways our palettes will change your life is that we — the Jecca Blac team — will always have your back. Whatever question or doubt you have about our products, it’s most likely been answered already in one of our Q&As or on our Instagram page.

If not, we’re always available to give you feedback and support. Just drop us an email and we’ll reply to any question about how to use the Correct & Conceal or the Sculpt & Soften palette!