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5 Must-Try Vegan Recipes

Jecca Blac is a vegan brand and as such, we care about sharing some knowledge on being vegan.

When it comes to eating vegan — which consists of avoiding all animal and animal-derived products — many people have the assumption that it means missing out. That couldn’t be further from the truth.

Eating a vegan or plant-based diet is really so much fun: you can discover different flavours, experiment with your food and enjoy what nature has to give! If you don’t believe us, we challenge you to try any of these recipes.

Here, you can find a recipe for each time of the day. We got you covered for the whole day, just in case you feel brave enough to go vegan for a full 24hrs!

Breakfast is really another word for dessert, isn’t it? This vegan banana bread recipe from Oh She Glows is simple to follow and will get you covered for a few days (unless you’re like us and will finish it in a day!). Little tip: add chocolate pieces into the butter for some extra decadence!

For the work type people, or if you’re not always bothered to cook a whole meal, for lunch, we have Madeleine Olivia’s chickpea tuna sandwich. We know it might sound a bit odd, but chickpeas are a vegan’s best friend and you’ll be amazed how much you can do with them. And if you like a bit of crunch, add some celery to the filling.

Looking for a little pre-dinner appetiser? Or maybe you’re having a pizza for dinner and would like a little side? Look no further: successful Canadian Lauren Toyota has been shared comfort food recipes for years on Hot For Food and today we suggest you try her cauliflower buffalo wings. Yep, you heard us right. Don’t make that face and try it — you’ll be amazed.

We’re staying with Lauren for dinner as well. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, and your taste buds ready to be blown away, this vegan mac and cheese is what you’re after. It needs a little bit of effort, but it will be worth it.

And what’s dinner without dessert? An Italian classic, The Vegan Corner makes the perfect vegan tiramisu (and we can say that because the person typing right now is Italian and approves of this recipe). You’re welcome.