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5 Tips to Look Like You Aren’t Wearing Makeup

For one reason or another, we’ve all had a phase in our lives when we were scared of wearing makeup. From the most intimate and personal, to the silliest excuses, you might want to start experimenting with makeup without anyone knowing. The Jecca Blac Team gives you 5 tips to look like you aren’t wearing makeup when actually wearing makeup.

Before you try any of these tips out in public, we invite you to try them in a safe space. Make sure of the result before showing off your pretty faces. And if you think you can safely pull all our tricks off, here they are, just for you.

1. Be careful with your base

If you feel like you need a little touch up on your face, make sure you’re using the perfect shade first. Test the foundation and/or the concealer on different areas of your face, and under different lights, to make sure they blend well. It’s very easy for your base to be obvious to others. Avoid layering up and use your fingers to apply it for a more natural effect.

Both Jecca Blac’s Correct & Conceal and Sculpt & Soften are perfect to give a natural look without the risk of applying too much.

2. Skip the brow pen, not the brush

Filling or shaping your eyebrows may be a bit too much. However, brushing them could still give them that life juice they really need. Brush them up and towards the side of your face for a tidy, clean look.

3. A little highlighter could work

This might be a bit of a risk, but you could try wearing a little bit of highlighter. There are areas of your face that tend to be naturally shiny, which are also the places to apply highlighter: on your cupid’s bow, on the top of your nose and on top of your cheekbone. If you decide to go for it, we recommend avoiding glitters and going for natural sheer shades.

4. We all wear lip balm, yours just happens to be tinted

Wearing some lip balm is a pretty safe choice, especially in winter. Hardly anyone would question that. But to make things a bit more daring, you could try and purchase a tinted one. A rose-coloured lip balm, as close as possible to the natural colour of your lips, would complement your look wonderfully.

5. Mascara, only if you dare

You know your eyelashes and what they’re all about. If they’re naturally long, you could experiment with a mascara that promises to lengthen and separate your lashes. Perhaps you could try switching it up for a brown one, as it’s not as bold as a black one. Alternatively, you could use a lash curler without the mascara on top, to shape your eyelashes and make them pop, just a little bit.