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3 Makeup Cheers for New Year

3 Makeup Cheers for New Year:

What You Should Ditch and What You Should Try in 2019

As we are leaving 2018 behind (is it just us or has the year flew by?), everyone is getting ready to welcome the new trends of 2019. And the Jecca Makeup team is here to offer an exclusive look at 3 things you should ditch, and 3 new things you should try for the new year.

The biggest trend in the makeup world this year will be natural looks. Light coverage, wild eyebrows, brown shades are what 2019 is going to be all about. But most of the focus will also be on your skincare. It’s an all-round rebirth this year — after all, new year, new you, right?


Goodbye 2018, and your heavy looks

Full Coverage: take those freckles out to play, we’ve all been waiting for them! A basic rule to achieve a natural, glowy look is to stop layering so much foundation on your face.

Yes, we all want to hide that morning pimple from everyone’s judgemental eyes but putting too much product on it can also be detrimental to the cause. You wouldn’t want to wake up with a pimple party happening on your forehead! Trust us, little is always better.

That’s why we created Jecca Makeup’s Correct and Conceal Palette as completely buildable in terms of coverage. We know under-eye bags can be difficult to get rid of, and we made sure you could do that with our product. But if you just need a little help, we got you covered (get it?).

Unnatural contouring: contouring has been a big feature of the past year. From Instagram videos and the release of many contour sticks, everyone went crazy with framing their faces. But we’re saying, it’s time to stop.

Follow your face’s natural shadows (or create a different look, following our guide), and repeat the same mantra to yourself: little IS better. Contouring is a tough beast to tame, so start slowly and make sure you’re applying makeup in a well-lit room. We’ve all experienced that moment when your pictures look a lot more Oompa Loompa—y than you had imagined.

Pencil-lined brows: following the same line as the previous tips, overly drawn brows are out — naturally brushed bushes are in. So, arm yourself with a good eyebrow spoolie and you’re basically good to go.

If you need a little filling, we recommend a powder or a tinted gel over a pencil. But in case you still prefer to use the latter, try to be as light as possible with it. And most importantly, let your brows live wildly!


Dare to be Natural in 2019, with a twist

A healthy glow: easier said than done, the biggest trend of 2019 is going to be looking after your skincare. We saw it coming last year, and we’re welcoming it with open arms now. A healthy lifestyle seems to be the goal of the new generations (with the old ones trying to keep up), so no wonder it has seeped into the makeup world.

Have a close relationship with your skin: listen to it, know what it needs and provides. It might be a totally new regime, or perhaps you’re already doing something right.

The most important tip for this year is, put your makeup aside for a second and concentrate on your skin. We’re ready to bet you will be thankful — and your makeup will look even better!

Glitter eyeshadows: natural makeup does not mean you can’t ever have fun. Glitter eyeshadows are the best way to experiment with something new while giving your makeup a little boost.

Use sensible colours if you’re sticking to the trends: we’re talking blacks, browns and greys. Just remember not to overdo it. Avoid using glitter on both your eyelids and cheeks, go for a highlighter with a more natural shimmer instead.

Red Lips: if you’ve never embraced the red lip trend before, this is really the time to step up your game. To complete a natural look, there’s nothing better than a strong, dark lip.

If wearing a lipstick, try to blot it on instead of applying a full coat. This will help the colour to actually tint your lips and not smudge around if you’re eating or drinking during the day.